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On https://hoe-erg-is-corona-echt.be/ I have limited myself to collecting statistics that help estimate the seriousness of the COVID-19 excess mortality.

As said before, there is no denying that this COVID-19 coronavirus is quite a nasty viral condition. And behind every death, COVID related or not, is a lot of grief. But it's about keeping everything in perspective. It is also about defining an approach that is proportional to the real severity of the problem and that focuses on the group of people who really need to be protected.

That balance has been lost for many months!

The content of this site has come about thanks to many helpful discussions on the viruswaanzon.be site. All discussions still take place there. The reasons for making this site were to centralize these statistics, make this information easier to find by search engines, and these statistics too making it accessible on mobile websites.

All information on this site is also available in Excel and can be downloaded here

Since the end of October, this web site and spreadsheets are updated every Friday evening based on a.o. the new STATBEL figures released that day

The question is sometimes asked what my competence is to take a stand here because I am not a virologist. My standard answer is that Mrs. Berx is also not a virologist and has an entire province wear a mouth mask outside during the heat wave. And that governor the Caluwe carried out the same drama on the seashore. And that many mayors impose additional Corona measures, without being virologists. I am not a virologist either, but my views are not that absurd and, by the way, completely harmless ...

But if credentials are really needed ... I have a Master in Mathematics, a Master in Business Administration (including Statistics & amp; Econometrics), and a Master in Artificial Intelligence. I've been working in for 32 years computer science and information processing. I tell you with my hand on my heart that I am frankly concerned about the many statistical nonsense uttered in the Corona discourse ...

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