How to inform you further?

On this site I have limited myself to collecting some statistics that help to estimate the seriousness of the COVID excess mortality.

As said before, there is no denying that this COVID-19 coronavirus is quite a nasty viral condition. However, it is about keeping everything in perspective and an approach that is proportional to the real severity of the problem. And that balance has been lost for many months ...

The statistics only look at the Belgian situation.

The sites below are a good start to inform yourself about COVID-19 in a different way, in addition to the daily propaganda.

Most of the links come from like-minded colleagues on

Also thanks to the people of 'STATBEL', 'Sciensano' and 'Healthy Belgium' for making their information available!

Do you want to help yourself to this scare tactic, this deprivation of freedom and the other, even harmful measures you can do a few things:

  • Visibly display this poster to enter into dialogue with the corona believers ...
  • Come to the Mechelen Grote Markt on any Wednesday at 20:00, where we hold a vigil against the corona dictatorship every week
  • Get out of your room and argue peacefully with Europeans United

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